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Key Services

We’ll handle every aspect of your merchandising – from creative branding, product design and manufacture to omni-channel sales and fulfilment. Boasting record-breaking sales on world tours and our distribution points in USA and Europe, we can truly take you global.


Specialists in procurement and design.

Whether building your brand from scratch or elevating it to new heights, we’re ready to realise your dreams. From simple clothing to custom couture and quirky accessories/ornaments, we will make it happen and with a seal of quality. Always on trend, we work with talented designers who know what’s hot – so if you need inspiration (or have ideas of your own), we will help every step of the way.

Fans enjoying some IRL Merch


Masters of marketing and internet wizards.

With founders who owe their success to the internet, we get it. We design and build personalised websites so you’re not sharing a space with thousands of other clients. We create cool content for social media promotion and build communities of dedicated customers with our powerful newsletter services. Not just making the merch, but helping you to make it fly off the shelves.


From epic conventions to boutique pop-ups.

We’re not *always* behind a computer screen – we’re just as comfortable venturing into the real world to bring your merch straight to the community. Attending all the biggest events, we can craft huge creative retail spaces, teach you how to run your own branded stall and showcase your wares at IRL Merch spaces for cross-promotion. Whether it’s producing one-off items for special events, hosting meet-and-greets or throwing themed parties – the world can be yours.

Fans enjoying some IRL Merch


Global reputation with top talent.

No stranger to a crazy crowd, we’ve broken per-head sales records at The London Palladium and Fox Theatre Detroit, among dozens of others all over the planet. We also do it right with the logistical skills to get goods in on time, managing hundreds of local staff at every venue and making sure every item is in pristine condition ready for purchase by happy fans. Let’s go on the road!

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