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We specialise in producing unique and creative merchandise that connects with fans. We'll work closely with you to identify the key products that appeal to your audience and support you with creative marketing campaigns.

Lucy Moon in her Cleo Tee

Lucy Moon

Creating an Eco-Friendly Clothing Brand

When we embarked on creating a clothing brand for influencer Lucy Moon, we knew from the start that sustainability would be at the heart of every choice we made. Moon Merch is rooted in Lucy’s passion for creating pieces with not only lovely designs and textures but with eco-friendly materials produced in factories that provide fair working conditions.

This green philosophy has received overwhelming support from customers and inspired other IRL clients who have also begun to explore ways to incorporate sustainable products and packaging into their own shops.

Lucy Moon in her Cleo Tee

The Cleo Tee

Working with one of our most trusted suppliers - who are at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing - this 100% combed cotton t-shirt is both high quality and ethical. The t-shirt of muted palette dreams!

Lucy Moon with her Goddess Energy Tote

The Goddess Energy Tote

100% recycled, 100% empowering. Originally designed as a convention exclusive, online demand for this tote was so enthusiastic that we made it a shop staple.

Colin Furze with his Saftey Tie Mug

Colin Furze

Inventing for an Inventor

Keeping up with an explosive character like YouTube inventor and crazy contraption creator Colin Furze takes the right tools for the job, starting with a strong cup of tea. We launched Colin’s shop with one simple product that he knew his audience would love; an everyday mug with his iconic “Keep Calm and Wear a Safety Tie” phrase. The mug was a runaway hit, exceeding expectations with over 500 units sold in the first week.

The mug later featured in his video “Building a Furze Tea Machine” in collaboration with Yorkshire Tea, amassing over 1.5 million views to date and further boosting sales.

Colin Furze with his Safety Tie

The Safety Tie

Colin has long been associated with his classic engineer's look of short-sleeved shirt and tie. Featuring custom branded packaging (making it ideal as a gift) and produced to Colin's high technical standards the 'Safety Tie' sold well beyond expectations.

Daniel Howell

Daniel Howell

Back to class with sass

Pushing the boundaries between sarcastic and relatable, Daniel Howell’s vision for his products are anything but traditional. His collections customise familiar products with an all-black aesthetic and humorous phrases to create wildly popular sell-out products.

Daniel in the Sequined Skull sweater
Sarah wearing the Don't Talk To Me Scarf

Daniel's collections feature custom embroidery and knits, modified garment lengths and collaborations with relevant brands (Spiral, New Love Club) to create consistently inventive and highly personal merchandise.

We're All Doomed

We're All Doomed

Shoreditch Popup Shop

To kick off Daniel Howell's 2022 Tour in style, we created the We're All Doomed Popup Shop in Shoreditch, London. Held across two days in September, the shop featured an eclipse cloud wall where customers could take selfies and an enormous message blackboard where fans were able to scribe their names and write messages of encouragement to Daniel.

Two fans purchase merch at the checkout

A Fan Space

We're really proud of how we turned an empty shop with plain white walls into an exciting and welcoming space.

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